Marijuana Music – For Your Ears Only Vol 1 Hip Hop


Starting in the 90’s I started listening to songs about marijuana. I was against using marijuana, but I loved weed songs! I don’t think I was listening to stoner music. They were just pot songs with great beats. What makes marijuana music so appealing? Maybe cannabis makes the creative juices of musical artists just flow better?

Stoner songs happen to be very sexy to me. For many years, reggae artists, rock bands and funk groups have sung about weed, but hip hop and R&B really put weed music on the map in the 90’s in my opinion. Sometimes it was metaphorical, but a lot of times the musicians straight out said what they meant! I have to say, I still like those songs and a few other songs that popped up throughout the years. The weed songs I seem to love the most are the ones that don’t get as much airplay. I can explain myself further by listing a compilation of hip hop weed music that I love:

Sexy and Educational Reefer

Buddah Lovaz by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

This might be my all time favorite marijuana song. The ballad is extremely sexy. A non smoker like myself was in love no matter what the lyrics were talking about. Clever lines like, “Keep hittin’ that reefer, sendin’ me straight to heaven” and “Keep rollin’, smokin’, and chokin” had me hitting replay over and over. This is also the first song that I heard the weed terminology: Hydro, Water and Tweed.

Hyped About Bud

Budsmokers Only by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

This was another song from the East 1999 Bone Thugs album that I played all the time. Where “Buddah Lovas” was laid back “Budsmokers Only” got me so hyped! How ironic that I wasn’t a bud smoker!

East Coast Yearning for Herb

Mad Izm by Channel Live featuring KRS One

In the late 90’s when the East Coast/West Coast beef was going on, I sided with the East because I felt it was, well…more “intellectual” rap…heehee. Mad Izm had the Wu Tang gritty sound that I loved. The hottest part of this song was when Hakim drops his lyric after KRS One, “wake up in the morning with the yearning for herb.” To be honest that guys’ lyrics were the best in the song.  Not sure if the word Izm ever caught on as slang for weed, but then again how would I know!

Barnyard Blazin’

Hay – by Crucial Conflict

This is one I bet you don’t remember. It was probably a one hit wonder that only lasted on the BET Rap charts for a short time. With the release of Southern rappers like OutKast, Cruicial Conflict tried to make their mark with, “Hay.” It was obvious to me that the word hay was urban rodeo lingo for cannabis. I just did some research to find that some weed strains once dried smells like hay. The song features a seriously back-woods sound, all the while rapping about smoking weed “in the middle of the barn.”

Get High Off Your Love

Brown Sugar – by D’Angelo

Of all the weed songs that I list on this post “Brown Sugar” may be the most known. This song was totally funky with D’Angelo smoothly singing about smoking pot in a metaphor for making love to a brown-skinned woman…who had a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai.

Super High On Super Green

Let Me Hit That – by August Alsina

This is a more recent song, not from the 90’s that is on my weed song playlist. August uses a metaphor for trying to holla at a female, but he’s actually talking about hitting some weed.  Going into the chorus he sings,

I think you put something in the air
Your body’s so amazing, and one could even say it’s blazing
You’re wrapped tight, oh, you’ve got it going on
‘Cause you keep your hair nice
Oh, and I ain’t even trippin’, cause my homies hit first
‘Cause baby when I hold you, I know we can make it work
So let me get your contact and a place I can meet you at
Baby, let me hit that

It’s so clever, incredibly sexy…and the guy is a crooner!

So, I hope this brought some of you back or maybe you can add one to your playlist. As you can see I didn’t list the songs that got the most airtime. Stay tuned for Vol 2. I’ll share other genres that I love; reggae, grunge, stoner rock etc. I love music and weed songs happen to be a part of the soundtrack of my life.

I’d love to hear comments on what you think of this list of cannabis songs. Feel free to mention some of your favorite hip hop and r&b weed songs as well.


4 thoughts on “Marijuana Music – For Your Ears Only Vol 1 Hip Hop

  1. Farhan

    Wow, to be completely honest with you, I have never heard of “cannabis songs” in my entire life. I didn’t know there were many artists who dedicated their time just to write songs about weed.

    The lyrics to the songs that you have recommended, were very creative and they sound fun to sing. I’m gonna have to check out some of these artists when I have the free time.

    Thanks for the information!

    1. ReeferRookie

      Oh and this is just hip hop and R&B. Wait until I post other genres! You’ll be shocked at many songs you probably are familiar with that happen to be about weed. 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback!


  2. Jeremy Hood

    It is amazing how many songs and movies there are about weed. Especially since it has been illegal.

    Now that it is becoming more accepted and legal in certain states, do you think there will be even more music that comes out? Or do you think having more access will take away they thrill of it?

    1. ReeferRookie

      Great question! I wondered about this myself when I wrote this piece. Once weed is no longer forbidden fruit I’m sure the mystique of it will die down. I think for new marijuana users it will be a thrill at first, just like any teenager that can’t wait to come of age. I just don’t see people making as many songs about it. There may be mention of it, but not an entire song dedicated. Sort of like how some people may mention cigarettes or alcohol in a song, but there are only a few songs that come out per decade dedicated to an alcoholic beverage. Just my opinion, but we’ll see. 🙂


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