The first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, Colorado is the trailblazer with the most information available, the most dispensaries for medical and recreational use and a booming weed tourism industry.

All the legal information for the state of Colorado can be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue website, however this link provides quick guidelines for residents and visitors.

Adults 21 and over can purchase and possess up to one ounce of retail marijuana and residents can grow up to 6 marijuana plants, 3 of which can be mature. No more than 12 plants can be allowed per residence regardless of how many adults live in the home. The plants can be grown inside or outside as long as it is a fully enclosed and locked area.

The Medical Marijuana Registry will be available for patients to apply online and submit payment in Janurary 2017. Currently residents can access the application online and mail it in. Residents with ailments like severe chronic pain, nausea, glaucoma and other debilitating conditions can qualify.